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About Regan Raves

Who is Regan?

Regan is me, and "Regan Raves" is my blog.  

What are Raves?

A "rave" (n.) is an act of raving. And "to rave" (v.) is to extravagantly and enthusiastically appraise or review something. Then again, the older definition of raving is to "utter in a wild, incoherent manner" as if one were mad or delirious. Both interpretations may apply here.

According to Online Etymology Dictionary, rave's more contemporary meaning of "talking enthusiastically about something" has been dated to 1704, while the sense of a "highly flattering review" dates from 1926. On the Music pages, this latter definition applies most acutely.

Whatever I write about, I generally want to write positively. I want to write about things that inspire, amuse, delight, fascinate, and create a meaningful response. Perhaps you share one or more of my enthusiasms and then may enjoy these ravings.

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